Custom-made shipping

Custom-made shipping services

To complete shipments with accessory services means to fulfill the satisfaction of your customers.

GLE has carried out solutions to customise the delivery phase depending on specific requests of the addressee who will easily receive the shipment thanks to different kinds of customised offers:

At site

Custom-made shipping

Direct delivery to the addressee's site

Delivery devised to be carried out precisely at the addressee's floor, either company or private. The shipment will be delivered in front of the door entrance of the addresse, whole shipment details will be indicated on the delivery note.

The “At site solution” is the best for addressees who have problems in reaching the ground floor or for heavy/high quantities packages shipments.

At site shipments features

  • No quantity package limits
  • Up to 30 kilos (real weight) for single parcel
  • High level performances
  • Ideal for privates
  • Delivery within 24 hours except Sicily, Sardegna, Calabria regions where to 48 hour-shipping is necessary

By appointment

shipments by appointment

Height of punctuality

Kind of delivery created to give the best facility and flexibility to the addressee, it allows to fix the delivery appointment by phone.

It is the most complete solution for goods to be delivered in a precise day and at the time agreed with the customer.

Within a day's time

Shipments day

Urgency is not a problem

This service is the best for who needs to deliver the shipment in a day's time after a few hours from the order.

All our accessory services are available and combinable with our domestic shipping services in order to fulfill all requirements.