E commerce logistics service

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Ecommerce logistics

GLE has created a specific warehouse for the Ecommerce logistics and its main features are:

  1. high capacity og goods storage
  2. advanced technologies for prompt fulfillment of the orders

The warehouse has been set on purpose with short goods itinerary and it is accurately furnished.

GLE is a Brt Bartolini agency. The integration with the logistics guarantees a fast goods moving, allowing the entry of any order, even the ones received in the afternoon hours, making it saving lots of job hours.

Free logistics costs (included in the shipping costs)

Ecommerce logistics free
GLE, being part of Brt Bartolini, has carried out an exclusive offer for e commerce logistics activities whose strong point is the inclusion of the logistics costs in the shipping costs, resetting to zero the warehouse costs.

Why should you choose GLE e-commerce logistics solutions?

E commerce logistics solutions
  • Because GLE provides top quality services, faster deliveries and competitive costs - all essential features for a successful e-commerce.
  • Because the well-organized GLE net covers in 24/48 hours any Italian or European destination.

Features of our e-commerce logistics service

E commerce logistics of quality

GLE has performed a top quality and complete e-commerce logistics services based on the optimisation of processes and on costs containment, guaranteeing several advantages to the client:

  • Daily reports on carried out deliveries
  • Single correspondent
  • Customized customer care
  • Operating flexibility
  • Good value for benefits
  • Up to 30 kg-packages forwarding to enabled mail post offices worldwide
  • Celerity in delivering thanks to custom procedures simplification
  • Monitored and tracked shipments

Delivery solutions

solution delivery
Two delivery tries are foreseen. In case the addressee is not in we leave a message of undelivered goods into the mail box indicating:
  • Date and time of delivery try
  • Address and telephone number of the foreign post office where the material is stored.
  • Storing deadline

In case the addressee is not in, even at the second try, the goods keep stored at the post office, indicated in the message, from 7 to 15 days depending on postal rules of the destination country.


The package is considered “undeliverable” in case of:

  • Refused delivery
  • Uncompleted, incorrect or not-existing address
  • Unreachable or moved addressee
  • Unknown or deceased addressee

In these cases the shipment will be returned to the sender at the end of the storage period.

Electronic tracking

red barcode

Our “postal” service will be especially dedicated to the e-commerce world; it will include an electronic tracking service to get to know, at anytime, the shipping details and it will allow the addressee, in case of absence while delivering, to collect the goods at postal offices, free of storage fees.

The electronic tracking, available for direct forwarding, allows to check, at whatever time, the dispatch history.

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