International Transport Solutions

International Transport Solutions

Advanced solutions for the global market

GLE, International transport company, is in continuous evolution to be always in step with the hour-by-hour change of the international transport market. This allows us to offer always to our customers the most efficient solutions to spread their trade through the intercontinental distribution of goods either by typical channels or by e-commerce.

All our international transport solutions are integrated with the DHL and other partners technologies chosen to meet the specific customers' requirements, whether it regards the web solutions or the central system, in order to reduce time in the on line tracking of the deliveries.

International Transport Company

Partners for international transportThanks to the reliability and competence of our international partners, every shipment will be efficient and quick. The agreement concluded with DHL will allow us to benefit from all services of this International leader in European road transports and in the shipping pallet.

GLE is punctual, advantageous and reliable.

International postal service features

features international postal service

The international postal service reaches all postal office in the world and a possible stored material can be collected at the nearest postal office. Other features of the service are:

  • phone appointment
  • sms or email message communicating the tracking number

International truck shipments

International shipments by truck

Our European or international road transport by truck is able to fulfill any transport requirement in Europe.

  • Delivery guaranteed within 30 working-hours in every main European country
  • Up to 70 kilo mono-parcel delivery in CEE Europe, New CEE
  • Multi-parcel delivery in CEE Europe, New CEE up to and over 1000 kilos.
  • Mono-parcel, multi-parcel and shipping pallet in Europe.

Air transport

International shipping by air
Our express air transport service allows us to ship packages all over the world with delivery at companies' sites or private's addresses. We can rely on dedicated airplanes, our partners' property, and clearance centers in different countries. Our service guarantees delivery within 24 hours all over Europe and within 48-72 hours in the rest of the world. We do consider air service synonymus with promptness. Our staff allow us to offer an unbeatable excellence in quality and time saving.

International Groupage Services

groupage International

Solutions allowing costs reduction are “groupage” shipments, international transport solution, air, ship or truck transports, for which it is possible to ask for a customised quotation.

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