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Logistics consulting and outsourcing logistics service

Shipping, distribution, ideas...

GLE guarantees high quality level logistics and distribution services for any product requiring a specialized and customised work.

Logistics Outsourcing service features

outsourcing logistics

  • Internal development of projects relating to logistics processes specialised in goods categories;
  • filo diretto con i fornitori;
  • quantity and quality verify through packing list check;
  • storage in warehouses protected by alarm system and security control – goods covered by insurance policies;
  • garments are re-conditioned, labelled and packaged;
  • deliveries within 24 hours following the entry of the order;
  • shipments prepared with certified packaging;
  • standard or customised shipment of clothes/garments;
  • single orders are packaged and delivered at the addressee's retail shop;
  • shipping and distribution of end products to retail shops in Italy and abroad;
  • invers logistics, moves and comebacks goods management;
  • returned goods management through direct contacts with the retailer;

GLE has created an outsourcing logistics service with the aim to meet any customer requirement, always fulfilling the expectations and allowing customers to have their costs under control.

Main advantages of our logistics consulting service

  • Customised: GLE is a team of professional and experienced people who take passion by making their job. The company philosophy consists of full customer satisfaction, achieved through a flexible and easy organization represented by qualified staff able to guarantee a completely customised service.
  • Efficiency and speed: GLE is always up with the times, thanks to the professional use of the newest information technologies.
  • Integration: one of GLE best strong points is the integration between shipping and logistics. This allows us to guarantee to our customers a substantial competitive advantage in goods shipping and delivery.

To guarantee the complete well-working of every warehouse management, GLE has finalised an exclusively partnership with the leader Company Fasterway heading toward the improvement of top quality customised softwares with the aim to fulfill any specific customers' requirements.


Through bar codes and their entry into the database, the software is able to optimise the resources, allowing the Company and the customers to monitor constantly the warehouse mapping.

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