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Global Logistic Express Srl is an Italian Logistics and Transport Company that is looking for strong representation worldwide to support its market and global expansion plan. We are watching a lot to the world of e-commerce with innovative solutions of both storage and transport in b2c.

GLE offer several high quality level services at a very good and competitive prices:

  • Logistic service
  • National truck express service
  • International truck and air express service
  • Postal service
  • Sea and Air Groupage
  • Dedicated services

AGENT TASK: We need great support in order to find international companies in the branch of e-commerce ( which sell cosmetics, clothing, home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers…, supplements, vinery, not perishable food… ) interested in having a logistic point in Italy and that require International transport and Custom-made shipping services in Italy.The Agent has to send to us all info about

PROFILE REQUIREMENTS: Skilled, trustworthy, motivated, enterprising, inclined to achieve goals are characteristics of the ideal candidate we are searching for.

Sales Experience of at least 5 years. Logistic –Transports – E-commerce experience.

TARGET CLIENTS: Companies in the branch of cosmetics, clothing, home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers…), supplements, vinery, not perishable food…..that make lots of shipment per day in Europe and all over the world, interested in having a logistic point in Italy.

SALES SUPPORT TOOLS: We supply to Reps brochures, company website, detailed description of our services, price lists, conference calls, assistance for concluding contracts with clients.

COMPENSATION: cumulative commission on sales. We are searching for reps who seek a long term partnership with us. At least 12 month collaboration, renewable contract.

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